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Frequently Asked Question

What types of products does Tali Agung sell ?

We provide superior supply of power transmission parts such as Belting, Conveyor, Chains, Coupling, Pulleys, etc.

What kind of products are categorized in the power transmission products group?

  • Belting : Classic V belts, Variable Speed belts, Double V-belts, Banded V-belts, Cogged V-belts, Timing belts, Flat transmission belts, PU belting, Leather belting
  • Chain : Roller chain, Roller chain with Attachment, Hollow Pin chain, Double Pitch chain, Leaf chain, Pintle chain
  • Conveyor : Rubber conveyor belt, PU conveyor, Bucket conveyor, Mini conveyor system, Roller conveyor,  Chain conveyor, Chevron top conveyor, Sidewall conveyor belt
  • Couplings : Gear coupling, Bolt coupling, Rubber coupling, Coupling Rubber parts, Chain coupling, Flexible Shaft coupling
  • Pulley : Flat pulley, V-pulley, Timing pulley
  • Others : Wire mesh, Wirenet with Roller Chain, Wire screen, Rubber packing, Brake lining, Gearbox, Belt fastener, Sprocket, Blower, Adhesive-glue, etc.

What are the strengths of Tali Agung compared to similar competitors?

We have been in the business for more than 5 decades, we have the experience (Since 1973), we have good amount of stock which are continually growing, extensive connections & understanding with suppliers both local and international thus able to give customer best value, competitive and economical prices, fast distribution capabilities, and all items we sell are 100% genuine.

What are the benefits of partnering with Tali Agung?

With the track record that we have, we would be able to advise customers on the product that would give them the best value and efficiency thus reducing costs and wastage.

Are the items sold by Tali Agung ready stock?

For all items that we sell in general are ready stock, but for certain types must be pre-ordered first, as well as some items that require further fabrication process, will require processing time before the delivery process can be carried out.

Can I meet with a representative from Tali Agung without having to make a visit to a Tali Agung store?

Yes. our B2B (Business to business) teams are very happy to visit your place according to the agreed time to provide information and consultation that can help your problems. Do contact us.

If I make a purchase at Tali Agung how is the purchase and delivery process?

Purchases at Tali Agung can be made at our store according to operational working hours, or if you are in Surabaya and its surroundings, Tali Agung’s delivery fleet is able to deliver to Surabaya, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto and surrounding areas directly from our warehouse. But if you are outside the area, then the delivery will use third party services either appointed by the customer, or through Tali Agung’s partner expeditions that are safe and affordable tariffs.

What companies can Tali Agung serve?

We serve all lines or fields of companies for the needs of transmission parts products such as manufacturing, mining, construction and energy, machinery services, shipping / marine, and others.

Is Tali Agung able to provide off-the-shelf product transmission parts with specific customer requirements?

With our experience and network, we are generally able to provide a variety of product transmission parts with special specifications and not sold on the open market.

Where is Tali Agung’s full address and operating hours?

If you want to visit us, we are located at:

  • Jl. Kedongdoro 203 – 205 Surabaya

With operating hours every day as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Saturday: 09.00 – 16.00 WIB
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